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Advantage through automated simulation processes and software customization

The daily routine of development often includes recurring applications, which can be automated and thus become faster, safer and more economical. Automated pre-processing and postprocessing has numerous advantages over the entire simulation process.


Even with the data input errors are reduced, the quality increases. Calculation engineers are relieved because many routine tasks can also be carried out safely by non-FEM experts. This allows you to take advantage of the simulation in the breadth of the company and to use it in many ways.


In addition to automation, there may be requirements that are not covered by standard software. In order for the software to meet your individual requirements, we develop branch-specific and customer-specific additional solutions such as interfaces, function extensions or vertical applications.


CADFEM additional solutions for ANSYS



Our services at a glance

Process automation saves engineers from time-consuming tasks such as reading and modifying geometries, applying loads, defining material data, etc. Calculating several design variants, including optimization, is also easier.

ANSYS is an open system, which can be connected to interfaces to company-specific codes and complementary tools, eg to existing optimization software. In addition, ANSYS can be adapted and expanded as required.

Certain routines that we have programmed have been further developed by us into independent products. These are available as CADFEM ANSYS Extensions.


Our programmers-driven engineers and FEM specialists not only develop and implement solutions, but also extend their programming knowledge into courses: from standard software such as ANSYS Classic, ANSYS Workbench and LS-DYNA.


In our programming courses, you will learn how to customize and extend software yourself. In this way, you can react quickly and flexibly to new requirements in your company.

Automated simulation of high voltage switchgear


Siemens uses automated modeling in ANSYS, for example, in the simulation of customer-specific gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear. These are designed individually for each customer, are under an internal pressure of more than 5 bar and must withstand mechanical stresses due to temperature, wind and more and more earthquakes during normal operation.

Siemens is using automated simulation processes

  • A 90% reduction in the processing effort,
  • A high quality of the simulation results already in early project phases,
  • Uniform, reproducible and company-wide standards in the simulation - independent of the processor and location,
  • The reduction of errors,
  • Quality assurance during strength verification.


Automated simulation in brake design


TRW uses the automated simulation with ANSYS for the construction-accompanying calculation in the development of integrated safety systems for the automotive industry. TRW's four-value strategy is aimed at cutting-edge innovation, best quality, lowest cost, and global presence.

Through automated CAE processes in brake development TRW achieves


  • An anchorage of the calculation closer to the designer, who can independently test, optimize and re-control his design within a few minutes,
  • The reduction of the workload of the simulation department,
  • The reduction of costs,
  • Shorter processing times,
  • An improvement in product quality.