eCADFEM – Simulation on Demand

Software, Hardware & Engineering On Demand

Simulation as a Service: eCADFEM is the solution for CADFEM when CAE software or certain ANSYS modules are used only sporadically - or particularly intensively, so that the existing license pool is temporarily not sufficient. Because simulation is more than software, eCADFEM also enables uncomplicated use of CAE computing power and CAE services from CADFEM.


A firm component of all "on demand" offers is the reliable support from experienced CADFEM specialists. Not only do you profit from first-class software and hardware products, but you also benefit from the support of a large team with comprehensive CAE and ANSYS expertise.


Provided by eCADFEM – Software On Demand

After setting up the eCADFEM service, you can use the following software products as desired: ANSYS Multiphysics, ANSYS Mechanical, ANSYS LS-DYNA, ANSYS CFD and ANSYS Icepak as well as optiSLang for ANSYS. The offered software covers numerous fields of application: mechanics, explicit dynamics, flow, cooling, coupled fields, sensitivity studies, optimization and robustness.




We keep track of the times of use and notify you automatically before the booked time quota has been spent. This allows you to extend it in time and ensure the complete availability of the required software.

We provide the software on the eCADFEM license server via internet. The software is used on your own computers. This means: All your data remains exclusively on your system.

eCADFEM allows the combined use of CADFEM software and own licenses, such as ANSYS Mechanical via eCADFEM in combination with a local CAD connection. This way you stay in your usual work environment and profit from valuable synergies.

By means of configuration parameters, you decide for yourself when and how the eCADFEM licenses are to be activated: either automatically through our license server or only after explicit activation by the user.

With CADFEM, you only pay for the time when you actually use the software, regardless of the number of accesses. There are no license fees for use-free times. The billing is done in seconds. This ensures maximum transparency and simplifies budget planning in project management.

When you set up your eCADFEM service, we provide you with a free maintenance service and an access to the ANSYS Customer Portal, each for a period of twelve months. These additional services are automatically extended by one year if you extend the booked time quota.

B & W Engineering and Data Systems

"eCADFEM offers us the advantage of directly assigning license costs to the customer project and not having to convert these over cost records. For B & W, this means minimal effort and absolute cost transparency for our customers. Due to the eCADFEM model, project-induced fluctuations in the simulation effort are excellently absorbed; Virtually unlimited parallel working and using the features that are just necessary will draw this model out. "