Complementary Software

Complementary Software to ANSYS

No other CAE software offers such a large application spectrum as ANSYS. By combining additional products, the application areas can also be specifically expanded. Complementary software solutions cover specific niches as well as applications that increase the understanding of design as well as safety and comfort.

In the following, we present the software products optiSLang, and Diffpack.  In addition, CADFEM ANSYS Extensions provides other engineering tools directly integrated into ANSYS, as well as customized software adaptations and the development of company-specific modules on request.


OptiSLang allows the systematic variation of all relevant influencing variables. This makes physical contexts understandable and paves the way for optimized, more reliable products. Integrated in ANSYS, optiSLang is used with the CADFEM ANSYS extension optiSLang inside ANSYS.


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ROCKY allows the modeling of a virtually unlimited range of particles of different sizes, shapes and adhesive forces. On this basis, mixing, bulk, slip or flow processes as well as their effects on their surroundings can be simulated, analyzed and optimized.




Diffpack provides an object-oriented development environment for the solution of partial differential equations, for example for the representation of chemical and optical properties. Diffpack can be coupled with the mechanical, flow-mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic analyzes of ANSYS.


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VirtualcitySYSTEMS specializes in the development of system solutions for the use of 3D geodata. This consists of developing and providing system solutions for modeling, management, and visualization of three-dimensional information spaces. The goal is to make the development and usage of 3D spatial data infrastructures as easy and efficient as possible.

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