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ANSYS® AIM™: Product Simulation for Every Engineer

ANSYS® AIM ™ combines the simulation of mechanical, flow-mechanical, thermal and electrical properties in a new, intuitive interface and a work process that is the same across all physical disciplines. In this way, the full range of physical questions can now also be used directly in product development by designers and development engineers to achieve a holistic product understanding.

Strain gauges with electrical potential under deformation.

Paradigm change in Simulation

After the simulation was primarily used by calculation engineers in the 1980s and 1990s, the use of simulation tools by designers and development engineers, mostly with a focus on mechanical stiffness and strength, began around the turn of the millennium. ANSYS® AIM ™ initiates a change here because it allows these users in an integrated environment to perform comprehensive simulation in different physical domains.

Deformation of shut-off valve due to pressure distribution in the fluid.

Product Simulation: Physics in all Domains

The consideration of all relevant physics domains provides an in-depth understanding of design engineers and development engineers, thus speeding up the development process by means of fewer prototypes and project milestones that can be reached earlier. Apart from the consideration of the structure, the fluids, the temperatures and the electric fields in individual, separated analyzes, the coupling of these different domains makes possible a greater reality in the case of physical interactions.

For example, the linkage of structure and flow simulation by means of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) provides a pressure distribution as a load for the mechanics, and thus improves the accuracy against estimated or averaged pressure distributions. Likewise, in situations with temperature-dependent material properties, thermal-mechanical, thermal-electrical or also thermoelectro-mechanically coupled analyzes can depict the interaction of the temperature with electrical or mechanical properties and thus increase the reality. The industry-leading solvers of ANSYS, Inc. ensure adequate calculation times and the accuracy of the numerical models for the relevant physical properties.


Distribution of the current density of a fuse in an electrical-thermal-mechanical analysis.

Innovative User Guidance

In order to make it easier for the engineers, who use the simulation as one of several tools int he product development, to make the introduction and the most sporadic handling easy, ANSYS® AIM ™ developed a new, intuitive way of operation. The uniform, physics-independent handling and the logical user guidance enable a steep learning curve, whereby the training can be concentrated on the engineering, the evaluation of the product properties and their improvement. In addition, productivity is improved as the integration and consistency of all processing steps avoids fragmented processes and manual work steps.

Representation of ascertained connections between design variables and product properties.

Systematic Understanding

The consistency across all work steps and physics domains give the engineer a powerful tool: instead of testing individual design alternatives, systematic variant studies can be carried out. ANSYS® AIM ™ varies the relevant parameters, be it geometrical dimensions, material properties or loads, and the engineer not only gets a click in the form of a single result, but also illuminates the entire behavior within the possible design space. In this way, the design of a new design or the further development of an existing is very purposeful. The improved understanding of relationships and trends in variations gives the engineer a good overview of solution alternatives and the choice of a robust design.

Templates for Standard and Individual Simulation Processes.

Efficient Engineering

For company or application-specific work processes, ANSYS® AIM ™ can be used to create individual templates for simulation developers and to provide them for product developers. Such enterprise standards increase the quality of the evaluation, broaden the use of existing knowledge and thus increase competitiveness. The effort for such automated work processes is minimal: each analysis is automatically logged and can be used as the basis for repeatable processes. As an open simulation platform, ANSYS® AIM ™ provides experienced users with the integration of their own routines and thus increases the productivity in the simulation and extends the range of applications.


ANSYS AIM is Convincing in Practice

Klubert + Schmidt GmbH is a competent development partner and reliable supplier of exhaust gas valves and hot exhaust gas recirculation valves, especially for heavy and medium engines in commercial vehicles and industrial engines. As the developers of Klubert + Schmidt were aware of the novel multiphysics simulation software ANSYS AIM in their search for a CAD-integrated CFD solution and finally learned to appreciate it as a suitable tool, you can read it in an article in the current CADFEM Journal.


ANSYS AIM – Try it now!

You can also get to know ANSYS AIM online on prepared examples - without download, without registration, without waiting times, without costs. ANSYS has created the "Try it now" portal for a step-by-step introduction to the approach and methodology of ANSYS AIM. Using various documented examples, you will learn about the principle of a simulation process with ANSYS AIM.

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