ANSYS Simulation Software

ANSYS is a technologically leading software for numerical simulation in product development. The functionality encompasses all work steps of the CAE simulation, combined with a powerful simulation technology for flow mechanics, structural mechanics, electromagnetics, multiphysics and system simulation as well as temperature fields.

ANSYS users come from very different branches of industry. ANSYS is particularly popular in the following industries: mechanical and plant engineering, power engineering, automotive, shipbuilding and rail vehicles, aerospace, construction, consumer goods and medical technology. ANSYS is also intensively used in higher education and research facilities.

CADFEM has been a Channel Partner of ANSYS since 1985.  ANSYS is the world's largest independent provider of simulation software


ANSYS® AIM ™ combines the simulation of mechanical, flow-mechanical, thermal and electrical properties in a new, intuitive interface and a work process similar to all physical disciplines.




ANSYS CFX and ANSYS FLUENT are technically leading solutions for the requirements of flow simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD).


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ANSYS products for structural mechanics offer groundbreaking possibilities for simulation, covering the entire spectrum from static to dynamics.


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ANSYS products for electromagnetics enable electromechanical analyzes as well as circuitry calculations for the analysis of power and signals.


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Multiphysics and System Simulation

ANSYS products for multiphysics and system simulation enable the analysis of complex multiphysical systems by field and terminal coupling.


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ANSYS products for temperature fields allow temperature analyzes over several scales - from the microchip over the circuit board to the entire device.


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