CAE simulation since 1985

CADFEM is among the pioneers of numerical simulation, one of the largest European CAE suppliers, and ANSYS Elite Channel Partner in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

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Since our founding in 1985, we stay abreast CAE and FEM advancements and notably contribute to furthering simulation with our product development.


Since 1985, CADFEM is a sales partner of ANSYS. In the United States CADFEM Americas is ANSYS Channel Partner in Michigan, US.

Work for CADFEM

If you want to shape the future with cutting-edge technology, join the CADFEM organization. We offer exciting projects, support individual initiative, and stand behind our team.

New CAE applications

Simulation is an important key to progress. We use innovative solutions to shape the CAE applications of the future – new cutting edge applications in diverse industries (e.g. medicine, urban planning, traffic analysis).

CADFEM International

CADFEM has a global presence with multiple cooperating entities under the CADFEM umbrella. CADFEM International brings together complementary offers from specialty partners.