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Engineering Simulation opens up a huge range of possibilities. Since CAE-simulation requires more than just software, CADFEM supplies all the tools which are critical for success in simulation from one source. Leading software and IT-solutions, support, consultancy as well as transfer of knowledge.

Founded in 1985 in Germany, CADFEM is one of the pioneers of numerical simulation based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) and one of the largest European suppliers of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE).

Through CADFEM International, our products, services, and knowledge are also provided by local CADFEM companies worldwide: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, India, China, North Africa and the United States. CADFEM works closely with ANSYS, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of CAEsoftware. In the United States CADFEM Americas is ANSYS Channel Partner in Michigan, US.

14 June 2019:

CADFEM is looking to hire:

  • Engineers with extensive experience in using ANSYS software
  • A marketing representative
  • An engineering software sales representative

If interested, please send in resume and brief application here

Partnered with ANSYS since 1985, Starting in Germany

  • ANSYS Software
  • ANSYS Support
  • ANSYS Seminars
  • ANSYS Customization
  • ANSYS Consulting
  • CADFEM ANSYS Extensions