Software and IT solutions

CADFEM offers a complete range of leading CAE software and hardware – our offering covers solutions for single components to customized and complete solutions that are ready for immediate use.


ANSYS simulation software offers technologically leading solutions for almost any CAE application. CADFEM offers the entire ANSYS program and is ANSYS Channel Partner.


eCADFEM – Simulation as a Service

eCADFEM allows flexible, on-demand usage of CAE programs. With prepaid tokens, you only pay for software usage when you actually need it. This is an economical solution that has already won over more than 1,400 clients.


Extensions and Complementary software

We cover special requirements with products that are complementary to ANSYS, such as LS-DYNA, virtualcitySYSTEMS, ROCKY DEM, optiSLang, ESAComp, and Diffpack. Combined with these solutions, ANSYS’s utility can be selectively heightened. CADFEM ANSYS extensions are engineering tools for ANSYS that allow additional functions: documentation (FKM, VDI 2230), interfaces, or data compression.

More ANSYS Extensions

More Complimentary Software